Saturday, October 8, 2011

BOO!!! ~

I haven't had any deep thoughts in... a while. I actually have, but none I can share right now. However, I have figured out one thing. I'm way too busy to do so many things! I thought I was going to start a new blog - do some crafting and show you. But I also like to bake. And I like to write. And build stuff and sew. There is probably nothing I won't try to do once and, as luck would have it, I like a lot of what I try. Especially now that I've decided to be happy and live to the fullest. 
I don't have time to create a different blog to appeal to that many audiences - I would be up 24/7. So what I figured out is that whoever chooses to read THIS blog, will have to read a little of everything. So you never know, you may be reading a book review here one day and then looking at a craft the next. Or I may choose to show you THE cutest picture in the world...

Like this...

Or this.

And hopefully some day I'll have another deep though I can share with you. But it isn't today because todaayyy, I want to show you what I made last night! You will look at it and think, "Why was she so excited to show me that?" But I don't care. It's what I did with my life for a while and I like it.

I saw THIS on Pinterest and thought it could be adapted to any holiday really. (These are really cute but I have another "joy" to do for Christmas).

So I decided to try it, adapting it to Halloween. First of all, I went to Hobby Lobby to look for some picture frames but they didn't have what I needed. So I spent another hour just looking at stuff before heading on over to Michael's. I ended up getting these picture frames which were $1 each. I really wanted to get some black ones that I didn't have to paint but they were $4 each. I needed black paint for another project anyways so I decided to go with these. 

Then I went next door to Home Depot and got some black paint. Oh, excuse me! The color is actually Francesca, since Martha has to make everything so dramatic. You can buy sample bottles of her paint for a little under $3.

 Went home and painted those suckers. Note to self - even if you don't have any newspaper, do NOT use an old towel as a drop cloth. Fuzz everywhere.

Then I just used some orange scrap book paper and cut it to size. I don't have one of those fancy schmancy machines that cuts out the letters for me so I just traced and cut with scissors. I had some left-over black-and-orange ribbon from last year which I glued to the back of the frames. I then punched black dots with my 3-hole punch and glued them on. 
And, TA-DAH!!!

I hung them in the foyer with my Fall decorations. 

I think it turned out TOADALLY cute! (Sorry, lol)

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