Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Wedding

Sooooo... it has been a long while since I blogged. Back then my name was Jennifer Dean. A lot has happened since then! Well, maybe not a lot... I got married... and that is the biggest thing. And best too.

This is a picture of a picture. But it will work here. It isn't the best picture of me but he loved it so we got it. We didn't plan a big fancy wedding, we went to Vegas. I never thought I would be the one to marry in Vegas but I just wanted to marry my man and get on with life. Here are some other things we did while we were there.
This is the Paris Hotel. We don't care except it houses a restaurant that is very close to Derone's heart.
Ramsey Gordon's steak house is in that hotel. He really wanted to eat there but we were on our way to a buffet where we already had dinner tickets. Can you see him way down there at the bottom of the sign??
So after the buffet when we were walking back we stopped and watched the Volcano show. It would have been even better if my feet had not been hurting so badly...

We thought we missed this one. The water show is set to music and the water shoots far above the top of the hotel.

So guess where we stayed... the New York New York. That is not the real Statue of Liberty but she still brought a tear to my eye. See that roller coaster in the background? That wrapped around our hotel and was about level with our hotel window. We stayed on the 27th floor.
This is a couple of old school cats who could really sing. And dance. We sat for a while watching and listening. They sang a special song for us since we were getting married the next day. That's sexy May dancing out front - wife of the guy on the right.  Such a cute couple :)
This is inside our hotel, decorated up to look like a miniature New York.

This is me next to the giant bobble head in our hotel. I don't know who it is supposed to be.
There was a steak restuarant in our hotel, along with many other restaurants. Derone loves steak. 
This is us in front of the Luxor pyramid.
This is me getting my hair done for the wedding. My hair stylist was really nice but I hated my hair.
And here are some pictures of us acting silly back in our room after the wedding.

This was waiting for us when we got back to our room. OMG it was sooooo good!!

And now we're living happily ever after!