Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day ~ !

When I was little I loved Valentine's Day. I loved that we spent the entire week at school making special mail boxes in which to collect our Valentine cards. I loved spending the evening of the 13th filling out cards to give to my friends. The best part was the party at school where we get to have red cookies and pink cupcakes and chocolate! The whole day we could hardly get any work done because of the excitement. None of it had anything to do with "love" or "romance."

And then I grew up.

I guess I just expected the excitement of that day to go on throughout the rest of my life. With all of the jewelry and candy commercials on TV and the Hallmark movies and red balloons flying around I guess I was tricked into thinking that it was still supposed to be a magical day. February 14th started losing its magic around the time I graduated from elementary school. No more silly cards, no more cupcakes and red streamers. It was a day only for those who had a "significant" other. But when I stop to think about it, my life is full of "significant" others!

~Mom & Dad ~ who could BE more significant??
~Tug ~ yes, dogs are people too.
~My brother, Jeff ~ we are finding that we have more in common every day...
~My friend, Jennifer ~ who has helped me through a very rough patch.
~And her husband, Bill ~ who keeps us laughing hysterically.
~My co-worker, Bruce ~ thank goodness for his lasagna when I was too sad to shop for groceries.
~Amber ~ who offered to lend an ear at any time I needed even though she is the busiest person I know.
~Mary C ~ I don't have to worry about my parents because she calls them every day. And she is amazing in many other ways!
~Stephanie ~ who lets me rant and rave and completely understands.
~And most importantly, Jesus Christ ~ my true Valentine who taught me the real meaning of love by laying down his life for me.

The meaning of "significant other" has changed greatly for me. The list I've made is not complete but these are just a few examples of why I have come to treasure those I have in my life ~ on Valentine's Day and every day!

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