Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P.S. ~ I Love You

I watched this movie tonight. I was at work and had nothing better to do. Thank Goodness my co-worker was gone for the night because this was a real TEAR-JERKER! I am not kidding, I cried my little heart (and eyes) out. I have waited a long time to rent this one because I was afraid it would be too sad for me and then I would want to go jump out a window. But although it was quite sad, it was also really funny and so I was laughing and crying at the same time. Not a smart thing to do if your nose happens to be running. But anyways, it had sort of a cleansing effect as well. As if everything I ever wanted to cry about (but didn't) just got washed away somehow. I recommend watching this one if you are spending the night alone OR you have some friends who you aren't embarrassed to cry in front of. And it wouldn't hurt to have a big box of chocolate to help you through the grief. And tissue. The synopsis of the movie is below.

Holly Kennedy has just lost her beloved husband, Gerry, to a brain tumor. Inconsolable, Holly finds that Gerry left for her a series of letter to help cope with the grief. As months pass, Holly discovers new messages from Gerry encouraging her to go on living. While Holly's friends fear the letters will mire her in the past, they, in fact, give her the strength for the future.

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