Monday, January 26, 2009

New Car ~

So, on January 17th I traded my car in for a new one. I used to have a Toyota Rav4 that looks like this:

I am really going to miss it because it had a lot room and Tug liked to run to the back window and hold on with his paws while looking out at the people behind us. I'm sure they got a kick out of that :)

But anyways, I traded it in for a Toyota Yaris that looks like this:

The up side is that it is really cute and it gets AWESOME gas mileage. It has an outlet for my ipod and pretty much everything the Rav had except for keyless entry. Oh, and elbow room! However, it lowered my payments by $200 per month! I am working on an internship and, until I get my permanent license, money is tight. So I'm doing everything I can to lower expenses. I am trying to look at things with a long-term perspective ~ if I sacrifice a little now, then it will be worth having my license and being able to do the things I've always dreamed of doing. Like getting to work in the field that I feel I'm supposed to be working in. And having my own house, being a mom, maybe adopting a couple of kids, and another puppy so Tuggles will have someone to play (or fight) with. So I guess for now, I can do with a couple less cup holders and all the extra leg-room for my friends. In all, I'm pretty much happy as a lark.

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