Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do You Believe in God? ~

I heard a man say something that I thought was funny at the time.
"People feel uncomfortable with the concept that there is a God, so they try to throw Him away. But throwing away God is dangerous. It is like the man who got killed when he tried to throw away his boomerang - it came back and hit him in the head."
I recently sat with a person as they poured out their philosophical beliefs about God and... well, mostly just God. Or more accurately, the God that might or might not be (probably isn't) there. He had some very good arguments and at the same time they sounded so hollow to me. I'm not saying that I've never doubted because that would a lie. I am not going to get philosophical or Biblical or try to prove that there is a God because some things can not be proven in that way. It is just something that I know because I've seen Him work in my life in ways that could not have been coincidence. And at the risk of being diagnosed as schizophrenic, I also have conversations with God (more commonly known as prayer) and I'm in love with Him! (I know, I probably just jeopardized my job). I don't believe in him only because I need something to believe in. It is because I've seen evidence of Him at work in many personal situations. It takes faith ~ to believe in God or not ~ takes faith.

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