Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blessings & Thankfulness ~

This week has been a good week so far! I can see many ways that God has blessed me. As I posted before, I was blessed with some beautiful porch plants and flowers. Yesterday the buds opened up and I have all colors of beautiful flowers to greet me when I walk out my front door! Beauty is all around if you take the time to pay attention. Secondly, I was able to talk to my supervisor at work and she gave me permission to take the residents to church on Easter Sunday. 3 of them have signed up and I'm hoping that some more will decide to go as well. I'm so excited! Then, this morning I had an interview for a part-time job. It is only 8-10 hours per week, doing clerical work for a business consultant in the cultural district of Fort Worth. Exactly what I need to get caught up! He hired me before I left his office. Then I headed on over to the gym where I met with my new work-out buddy :) I was able to get a free 7-day pass and she is going to ask her trainer if I can get a 30-day pass so I can decide if I want to join. Today was the first day of weight training and I can already tell you that I will be SORE tomorrow. I can barely raise my arms to drive already! But anything I can do to make my body healthier is worth it. My next goal is to find a puppy-sitter for Tug. I hate leaving him alone for the majority of the day and he needs to get out and get some exercise once in a while.
Dear God,
I am sooooo thankful for the week you have given me and for the many, many blessings that you have poured out. Thank you for lifting my head so that I could notice the "small" things that bring such beauty and color to my life. I feel like crying when I think of the good things You have done for me... what have I done to deserve them?? Please continue to order my steps and help me to say only things that are positive and good because I know that words are powerful. Please let me be a blessing to those who are in my life and also to those who will be in my life for only a season. I know you are touched by the things that concern us, so please help me to find a sitter for my little boy dog - someone I can trust in my house and trust with my puppy. Prepare the hearts of the men that I will take to church with me on Sunday, that they will be able to see how much you love us, that you sent your only Son to die in our place. God I give You my everything and I love You! Amen!

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