Saturday, August 29, 2009

New House!

This is the foundation of my actual house
I have been looking at houses for a long time. Well, it seems like a long time. I actually only started looking in June but I have looked at a ton of houses! Some of them, I walked in and walked right back out. Some of them were just OK. I even bid on one that was beautiful but I didn't get it. Finally, I just told my realtor that I was tired of looking and I would just wait until next year or whenever I had the funds to get what I wanted. However... at the 11th hour my realtor called and asked if I would be willing to look at just one more house. Actually, I couldn't even look at it because it isn't built yet. It is a brand new house! I looked at a model home, one just like the one being built and it was BEAUTIFUL ~ exactly what I was looking for all along. The home builders are paying my closing costs and buying down the points so that I will have a super-low interest rate and lower monthly payments. Folks, I am moving into a brand new home for almost the same price as I am renting my apartment! Today I picked out the ceramic tile for the floor and backsplash, carpet and counter tops. It is amazing how God always gives us better than what we are expecting!
This is what my house will look like when it is finished!

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