Monday, July 20, 2009

SnoreJoy ~

I was so happy to have someone to lay beside me last night, snores and all! And, NO, I'm not talking about some big hairy man! I'm talking about my little furry buddy, Tug. I came home on Friday night and he was acting really strange, like something was chasing him. And he was scared, I could tell. I took him outside like I always do and he was so sick! He started throwing up and didn't sleep all night long. Since I had to go to a meeting on Saturday, my parents came and got him to take him to the doctor. Ends up he had a stomach virus and he had to get a shot and two prescriptions, plus some fancy dog food. I went to get him yesterday and he met me at the door with a sock. He always has to bring me something when I come in and I knew he was better when he met me at the door with this gift. I brought him home and immediately pulled his bed in the room beside mine. He does snore but I have never been so glad to hear it!

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