Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November ~

Ok, so one of my friends had a GREAT idea. She stated that since November is the month of Thanksgiving, she will give thanks every day for God's blessings. I just wanted to get right in on that because so many times Thanksgiving is skipped and we go right on to Christmas. Last night I took a walk (ok, I was really chasing the dog when he got out!) and one of my far neighbors had Christmas lights on in their front yard. WHAT?! I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday of the year by far. But I do not want to skip over Thanksgiving.

So I've decided to choose one thing each day that I am thankful for and blog it. I'm not promising anything long and introspective. Just something I'm thankful for. So here is the first thing I am thankful for:

On Father's Day 2011
I could have said "family" but I am especially thankful for my daddy today. He is such a character, always making us laugh and being corny. He takes teasing pretty well also.

This is us when I was much, MUCH younger! See what a good dad he is?? I treasure this picture.

So today, I am thankful for my dad.

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