Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Thought ~

I did not make up this survey but I like it. You are supposed to read the word and type in your first thought. Of course, I could not just put anything simple because my thoughts just kept going on and on and I couldn't remember what the very first one was. So here are my thoughts about the following words or phrases:

Immediately thought about relationships between men and women and had a panic attack, LOL! Ok, I'm just kidding. I did get kind of serious though. There are so many different kind of relationships. The key is finding out which ones are healthy and nurturing them. My most fulfilling relationship right now, aside from God, is with my parents :)

Your Last Ex
Must we go over this again? I pity the man and that is all I feel for him.

Have I paid my electricity bill yet? No kidding, that was my first thought. Finances are tight these days but I'm still trusting God!

Birthday Cake! I don't know why. I just love it. But also I love to cook and try new things so "food" is a positive word for me.

I HATE the devil!! He has used drugs to mess up so many lives and I am fighting it everyday.

George W. Bush
Man, he is SO hot! I tease that I voted for him both times because he was cute. He is but that isn't really why I voted for him. And although that sounds disrespectful, I have the utmost respect for him and Mrs. Bush. They've had a rough time of it and get a lot of unfair criticism. I love them.

The War in Iraq
Hot. I think it must be hot over there and that was my first thought. But I am SO proud of our soldiers who have risked their lives to protect mine. Thank you so much, you'll never know how grateful I am.

What about 'em? I mean, they are necessary but other than that, I really don't care.

Gas Prices
Quik Trip! I love Quik Trip! That's where I buy my gas but I also love to go in and look at the row of coffee machines and fountain drinks. They also have the cleanest bathrooms if you ever have to go while you're out shopping.

My cat costume when I was little. I know Halloween is a pagan holiday but I didn't know that until I was grown so it doesn't represent anything except candy and fun to me.

Mustafa Abdulla. My very good friend who used to say, "It's politics, Jennifer, just politics" when he didn't agree with something/anything. I miss him so much sometimes :(

Worst Fear
Bills piling up in my mailbox. That's why I don't check it for days at a time. And snakes.

Now that's some scary stuff! But I like frogs...

Well, I was going to say something else but then I remembered this is supposed to be first thought stuff. So I really can't say anything now. This is a Christian Blog!!

...is not for the weak of heart! But I truly did think of good things like loyalty, trust, love...

Wonder Woman. She is the prettiest brunette I've ever laid eyes on! And she can jump over stuff.

I LOVE red hair!

Beware of the ones you think are dumb!!

Digging ditches. That is what I consider work.

Animals ROCK!! I LOVE animals, especially giraffes. And monkeys. And zebras. Ok, well, I really love all of them.

Porta Potties
Gross. What does this have to do with anything?

Christmas Morning, just rolling out of bed and drinking coffee and listening to carols in my pajamas. Seriously, that is what "pajamas" made me think of!

My granny. I would give anything to see her in something other than a picture!

People I trust, laugh with, share with (except for toothbrushes), shop with :)

I thought this said "enemas" and wrote something totally different. But let me back up a bit now. Enemies... I don't think I have any worth mentioning so I won't really waste my time trying to think something up.

For some reason San Antonio popped into my mind, although I would LOVE to go somewhere I've never been before. Someday I am going to travel a lot!

Coffee. I always think of coffee! I'm drinking it right now!

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