Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 ~ Coming to a Close!

2008 will soon be over. There were a lot of ups and downs ~ Here's what happened:

January ~
~Started my last semester of school.
~Quit my part-time job at the dentist office. I miss those guys!!!
~Started my externship at Impact Guidance & Counseling Center.
February ~
~Tried Japanese food for the first (and last) time - on Valentine's Day.
~Here is a picture of the cake I made and our little table I decorated for our Valentine's celebration :)

March ~
~Started visiting churches to prepare for our move to Dallas. We like the first one we visited so much that we stayed :)
~The rest of the month was filled with endless homework assignments and seeing clients for my externship.
April ~
~Saw the Symphony at Bass Hall. My friend had a flute solo :)
~I've never studied so hard in my life! I spent late nights wrapping up all of my assignments.
May ~
~Graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with MA in Marriage & Family Counseling ~ go me!

~Moved to the "Big D" ~ Dallas
June ~
~Started a temporary job that lasted a week and made me want to jump out the 3rd-story window next to my desk!
~Secured my Internship at the Pastoral Counseling & Education Center. I had 3 interviews with them before they finalized their decision to hire me.
July ~
~Took the National Counselors Exam (LPC) and PASSED!!!
~Had surgery on my foot. Darn bone spur!
~Started my internship at the Pastoral Counseling & Education Center.
August ~
~Kevin spent a couple of days in the hospital with chest pain. It was really scary!
~Resigned my internship at PCEC... (sigh)
~Interviewed for current job.
September ~
~My Birthday ~ we had a cookout with my family.
~Got a job at MHMR ~ my first job after graduation!
~Moved back to Fort Worth. Thank God for my friends...
October ~
~Started working nights at Jennings ~ in the ghetto!
~Filed for divorce :( This was on my anniversary. I spent most of the day in tears.
November ~
~Was blessed with Tug ~ my puppy, my pal
December ~
~Cookie Exchange at my place. There were soooo many good cookies and I even made a recipe book for all the guests!
~Christmas Eve at my brother's house. A family tradition where the extended family gathers and we eat and exchange gifts.
~Christmas Dinner at my house ~ a NEW tradition that I hope catches on! The Best Christmas EVER!!

I'll look back with both sadness and happiness but I'll honestly be looking toward the future with more excitement than ever~!

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