Saturday, February 19, 2011

100 Things About Me ~

1. I do and always have loved puppies, any shape, size, breed. I love them.
2. I love daisies more than any other flower. I think it is the simplicity of them.
3. I have a scar on my chin from when a highchair fell on top of me and knocked me to the ground when I was a baby.
4. Some smells give me a headache in a matter of moments.
5. The first car that was mine was a Geo Metro and we once fit 7 people in it. For real.
6. I love potatoes.
7. I don’t like fish, lobster, squid, naked shrimp, scallops, or anything of the sort. Crablegs are good with enough butter
8. It takes a lot of will power for me to eat pork chops
9. I have a tattoo of a ladybug beside my belly button.
10. When I was little my dad used to tickle me until I couldn’t breathe.
11. I have a very low pain tolerance, both physically and emotionally.
12. I’m terrified of snakes. Please don’t use that information against me.
13. When Rose on “The Golden Girls” says something ditzy, it usually makes sense to me.
14. Me and my friends met some truckers on the road, stopped at a truckstop and took a look around in their trucks once.
15. My favorite kind of cake is birthday cake.
16. I was told at my last eye appointment that I have severe astigmatism.
17. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa.
18. I am very scatter-brained at times.
19. I’m allergic to earrings and morphine. And apparently one other medication now.
20. I was voted “friendliest” in 6th grade. Whoop. Tee. Doo.
21. I got a degree in psychology to try and understand myself. Not kidding.
22. I have never felt like I fit in whether it was at seminary or a bar or church. Ok, I’ve only been to 1 bar.
23. I can make delicious cakes and taught myself how to decorate them.
24. I love Jesus and thank Goodness His blood covers things.
25. I’m too tenderhearted for my own good. Everything makes me cry.
26. When I was little I thought men sat in the top of skyscrapers, watching and changing the stoplights.
27. When I was little I thought the dogs were men and cats were women.
28. I love logic problems and figuring them out.
29. I have a big scar on my left hand where my brother’s friend pushed me down and I landed on glass.
30. I don’t use spaghetti pasta because it reminds me of worms.
31. I hate worms more than anything. Well, except for liars.
32. I hid a pig in my dorm room when I was in Bible college.
33. I have taken salsa lessons but all the Hispanic guys were too short to dance with me.
34. I took piano lessons from a woman with big bug eyes that scared me.
35. I don’t like romantic movies because they set us up to expect too much.
36. I think Dennis Haysbert is sexy and I really do believe you are in good hands with Allstate.
37. I have been married once and divorced once.
38. I expect to be married again some day. But not divorced ever again.
39. One time a boy hit me in the mouth and busted my lip for no reason at all.
40. I don’t like any lights on when I’m sleeping.
41. I can’t go to sleep with the closet door open.
42. I like to sleep with one foot out from beneath the covers.
43. I always thought the song “Secret Agent Man” was “Secret Asian Man” and I wondered how that worked.
44. Bro. Holmes told me it was obvious from reading my papers that I was a very deep thinker. I still don’t know if that’s good or bad.
45. When I was growing up my mother called me Esmeralda Daphne. I still answer to it.
46. Everyone else called me Jenny and some still do.
47. I love giraffes the most when I go to the zoo. And elephants. And monkeys.
48. The first boy that had a crush on me was in kindergarten. His name was Brent and he was really cute.
49. Third grade was probably my favorite year in school even though I got in trouble for talking too much. For real.
50. I think John Legend is super cute, especially when he plays the piano.
51. I listen to Steve Harvey every morning on the way to work.
52. It makes me hopping mad for someone to put their finger in or near my ear.
53. I really wanted my mother-in-law to be my friend but knew from the beginning it would never be possible.
54. I wish I could afford to travel. Someday I will.
55. I grew up flying in small airplanes but the last time I was on one I was scared speechless.
56. I think I could become addicted to plastic surgery if I ever had it once.
57. People used to tease me that my feet were too small for my height. Now I wear an 8 so I’m ok.
58. I have a mole on the bottom of my foot. Yes, the bottom.
59. I love old people.
60. I am better at writing than speaking.
61. I love to get pedicures.
62. I do not like crowds.
63. I went to a small private high school.
64. I don’t have many friends my age.
65. I love love love to read almost any kind of book.
66. I love Italian food and Mexican food.
67. I would never do it but I really do understand why some people go in and shoot up the place.
68. I’m very patriotic and I cry whenever I sing the national anthem.
69. I can’t stand racism no matter which way it goes.
70. My Granny used to keep me when I was little and we watched cartoons every day.
71. I also watched the 3 Stooges with Grandpa.
72. Jennifer Lee and I (and sometimes my brother) used to play Mad Libs and laugh our heads off but it was never funny with anyone else.
73. I can only remember 1 joke and it is really funny to me but not many other people. Hmmm….
74. I love Honeycomb cereal.
75. I don’t like anything with artificial sweetener in it because it tastes like a chemical to me.
76. I get irritated when someone pulls a Medicaid card out of her Louis Vuitton purse.
77. My favorite snowcone flavor is coconut and then bubblegum.
78. I’ve always had a secret fear that I would lose my mind completely someday.
79. I don’t remember ever watching Sesame Street yet I still knew all my numbers and letters when I started school.
80. Spelling and grammar have always been easy for me though you may not believe it when you hear my Texas twang.
81. When I heard about 9/11 it scared the crap outta me and made me angry at the same time.
82. Once I had a wreck when I was turning left. I went a long time after that without turning left but it took me a while to get places sometimes. I’m ok going left now.
83. I don’t like seeing unattractive peoples’ public displays of affection.
84. I don’t watch movies more than once, in most cases. I was, however, forced to watch “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” 3 times in 1 Christmas season and it was torture.
85. Christmas has become a very difficult season for me, I can’t even count the reasons.
86. I love asparagus.
87. Sometimes I crave gum. I suspect it is much like someone craves drugs, although I ‘m not sure.
88. I love to sing but not in public. My best entertaining is for myself in the car.
89. I like men who have a few extra pounds on their bones. I said a few.
90. When I was a kid I watched “The Blob” and didn’t sleep for a long time after. Ask my mom.
91. I can not eat anything that did not have a chance to grow up. Not veal, not lamb.
92. When I was a kid I used to lay beside the speaker while the record (yes, record) played the story of Little Black Sambo. It was my favorite story and I’m glad that tiger turned into butter.
93. I love coffee. As if you didn’t know.
94. When I was a small child, our next-door neighbor flashed me as I rode by on my bicycle with training wheels. What a pervert.
95. I love watching home improvement shows but the best part is the before/after part at the end.
96. I despise being cold.
97. Sometimes I feel like “running away from it all” and it very well may happen some day.
98. To those who think I don’t know, I DO know my sense of humor is different.
99. I love to laugh and wish I did it more.
100. I don’t believe TVs belong in the bedroom, any bedroom.

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